New Sequim Building

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The New Kitty City McKay Campus in Sequim

91 S. Boyce Rd. Sequim

Renovation Campaign

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Our New Building

Pictures: Left to right - building front entrance, lobby and loft, hallway to roaming rooms, sanctuary (will be meeting/community education room,

one of the classrooms that willbe a cat roaming and housing room,back of building showing some of the cat rooms on the left)



Items We Need

Note: For In-Kind Donations, please contact Luanne Hinkle at 360 457-8206 Ext. 304

 Surgery Lights - $5,941

 Autoclave - $2,323

Microscope - $295

Anethesia Machine - $3,566

Exterior Repairs - Log Washing, Chink Repair, Gutters/Downspouts, Roof Cricket (prevents water pooling on roof between old and newer part of the building) Facia repair, Exterior Paint, Sealing Repairs - $18,000 


7,200 sq ft of Interior Painting (1 prime coats, 2 color coats) - $24,000


Locking Medicine Cabinet - $431.00

New Windows and Sliders for Exterior and for New Cat Roaming Rooms and Viewing Hallway - $20,000

New Surgery Room (Completely enclosed room built entirely within Intake Room) - $18,000


Centrifuge Machine - $151

Deluxe Stay and Play Cat Condo - $11,000 (delivered/assembled)

Mega Capacity 5.8CuFt Turbo SteamWasher and 9.0 Cu Ft Turbosteam Electric Dryer - $3500

Upper and Lower Cabinets - (Need 1 for Kitchen, 2 for Intake, 1 for Surgery Room) - $2060 each)

Stain Steel Sinks - (one large- $432, one small- $302) = $734