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This page contains information for when preparing for, adopting and caring for your new feline or canine friend. Scroll down for an index of topics. 
A Special Thank You...

The information contained herein is a compiliation from many animal welfare and medical organizations for the betterment of animals and their care. Organizations include, but are not limited to Alley Cats Allies, ASPCA, ASPCAPro, Austin Pets Alive/APA, Dallas Animal Services/DAS, Maddie's Fund, Olympic Peninsual Humane Society, Peninsula Humane Society, Pima Animal Care Center/PACC, SFSPCA and UCDavis Veterinary Medicine.



Foster Care Orientation Video

Information for Felines:

Forms and Flyers

Recruit More Cat/Kitten Foster Families - Flyer

Cat/Kitten Behavior & Advice

10 Things to Know When Adopting A Cat from OPHS

Aggression (Toward a Caregiver)

Aggression (Toward Other Cats During Play)

Aggression (Toward Dogs During Play)

Aggression (Toward Dogs When Outdoors)

Aggression (Toward Cats When Outdoors)

Aggression (Toward Familiar People)

Aggression (Toward People in General)

Aggression (Toward New People)

Aggression (During Play)

Aggression (Toward Familair Cats)

Aggression (Toward New Cats)

Aggression (Toward Familar Dogs)

Aggressions (Toward New Dogs)

Aggression (When Touched)

Aggression (When Disturbed at Rest)

Aggression (When Groomed or Brushed)

Aggression (When Approached by Cats)

Aggression (When Approached by Dogs)

Aggression (When Approached by People)

Aggression (When Chased by a Cat)

Aggression (When Chased by a Dog)

Aggression (When Reprimanded)

Anxiety in Cats Visual

Assessing Age and General Health of Kittens 

Bathing Kittens

Biting (People)

Books Regarding Cat Behavior and Welfare

Books Regarding Training and Enrichment for Cat

Bottle Feeding Kittens - Video

Brushing - Video

Carriers (Turn Yours Into a Home Away From Home)

Cat's Environmental Needs

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home for Foster Care

Deficating (Not)

Dehydration (Assessing for and when its an emergency)

Elimination (Stimulating an orphaned kitten or puppy for)

Fear Aggression

Fear of Children

Fear of Cats (Familiar)

Fear of Cats (New)

Fear of Dogs (Familiar)

Fear of Dogs (New)

Fear of People (Known and/or New)

Fear of New Things

Fear of Noises

Fearful or Shy Cat (Adopting and Setting up a Home)

Fearful or Shy Cat (Cat is Afraid of Me)

Feeding a Bottle Baby

Feeding Guidelines (For OPHS Fostered Kittens)

Feeding Your Cat (A How-To Guide)

Feral Kittens (Taming)

Heartworm in Cats

Hiding Behavior in Cats

Introducing a Cat into a New Home 

Introducing Your Cat to New People

Introducing Cats to Other Cats

Introducing Cats to Children

Introducing a Cat to a Dog

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Kennel Set Up for Kittens

Kittens (4 Tips to Raising Well-Adjusted Cats)

Kittens (Taming Ferals)

Kittens (Body Temperatures)

Kittens (Taking their temperature)

Kittens (Fun, Play and Socialization)

Kittens (Milestones in Development)

Kittens (4 Tips to Raising Well-Adjusted Cats)

Litter Box Tips

Litter Box (Design)

Litter Box Training for Young Kittens

Marking/Soiling Issues

Marking/Soiling (Medical Causes)

Meowing (Why a Cat Meows)

Meowing (Too Much/Excessive)

Meowing (When Left Alone)

Over Stimulation

Pet Proofing Your Home

Picking Up Your Foster Cat/Kitten


Playing with your Cat (How to, Benefits, Behavior & Toys)

Prepare Your Pet for Foster Arrival 

Preventing Disease in your Foster Home

Professional Behavioral Help

Reducing Outdoor Stressors for Indoor Cats

Roaming Cats (Keeping Them Out of your Yard)

Separating Family Cats from Foster Cats/Kitten

Scratching (It's Natural)

Scratching in Cats: When it Becomes Destructive

Scatching Posts for Cats

Should You Let Your Cat Outside

Stress Scoring Matrix

Surgery Information (Spay/Neuter and General)

Supplies to Have On-Hand Prior to Bringing Your Foster Home

Toxic Foods

Urinating or Deficating Outside the Litter Box

Urinating (Not)

Vaccinations (Does My Cat/Kitten Need Them?)

Vaccinations (How Often Are They Needed?)

Vaccinations (Why Kittens Need a Series)

Vaccinations (Are There Risks?)

Vaccination Booster - FVRCP 


Cat Symptoms & Medical Questions

Colds in Cats/Kittens

Dogs Adopted At OPHS - (FAQs and Things You Should Know)

Diarrhea in Kittens

Discharge in Cats/Kittens (Clear)

Discharge in Cats/Kittens (Yellow or Green)

Before/After Emergency Care for Foster Caregivers

Fading Kitten Syndrome 

Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC)

Fleas in Kittens

Not Eating in Kittens or Cats


Panleukopenia in Cats (Symptoms of)



Information for Canines:

Adult Dog Socialization

Anxiety (Dog's Body Language with)


Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home for Foster Care

Dehydration (Assessing for and when its an emergency)

Dog to Dog Introduction

Dog Training (Discounted rates - Teach your adopted dog via Monica Roberts, OPHS trainer)

Elimination Guidelines (Foster Puppies)

Elimination (Stimulating an orphaned kitten or puppy for)

Feeding Guidelines

Food Bowls and Treats (Recommended) 

Home Alone - Training Your Foster to be Comfortable - Video

House Training Your Foster Dog - Video

Pet Proofing Your Home

Preparing Your Family, Home and Pets for Fostering

Preventing Disease in your Foster Home

Puppy Playtime

Spay/Neuter Proceedures for Fostered Puppies

Temperature (Taking in a puppy)

Toys (Recommended) 

Washing and Grooming

Worms and Flees

Polite Walking - Video

Introducing Your Foster Dog to Cats

Introducing Your Foster Dog to Stangers at Your Home - Video

Keeping Foster Dogs adnChildren Safe - Video

Playing with your Foster Dog - Video

Eye Medication - Applying - Video

Fear Free Tooth Brushing

Pet Brushing - Video

Ear Cleaning - Video