Autos for Animals

Thank you for considering a vehicle donation to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society! OPHS is able to sell donated vehicles to add to our ability to fund the care for animals in need in Clallam County.

For assistance with a vehicle donation, please contact us at:

360-457-8206 or email and place the words "Vehicle Donation" in the reference line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate my vehicle to the OPHS?

It’s Easy!

You will feel great knowing your donated vehicle will directly help the animals here at OPHS. As we are funded by private donors and organizations and are not affiliated with any other local or national animal welfare organization, nor do we receive any direct state or federal funding, OPHS relies on the generosity of people like you to sustain our services.

Your gift will be used efficiently. Because we manage this program ourselves, there are no “middleman expenses.” Therefore, your vehicle’s sale price goes to OPHS with the exception of direct costs such as processing DMV paperwork.

What vehicles does OPHS accept?

The Autos for Animals program accepts running donated cars, trucks, camper trailers, tractors, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, RVs, boats, jet skis, and even planes!

Camper/travel trailers and boats are accepted based on condition.

How does Autos For Animals work?

It’s easy and convenient:

  1. Call us to set up a day and time for pick-up (if needed) and to begin the process. We will need the title (signed over to Olympic Peninsula Humane Society), keys and the vehicle.
  2. OPHS will notify the DMV and send a donation acknowledgment to you.
  3. Once the vehicle sells, an official tax receipt is mailed to you acknowledging your charitable deduction.

How is the DMV notified?

If you supply complete VIN and plate numbers, OPHS will notify the DMV that your vehicle has been donated. Once your vehicle has been sold, the DMV is notified who purchased the vehicle.

We recommend that you contact the DMV to let them know the vehicle was donated if the vehicle is titled in a state other than Washington.

If you are donating a boat, it is recommended that you contact the State Marine Board to notify them you have donated your vessel to OPHS.

What if I can’t find the vehicle title?

We may be able to help. The vehicle must be owned outright. Proof of ownership such as vehicle registration or a DMV print out may be requested.

How much can I claim for this vehicle donation on my taxes? How do I do that?

The IRS allows for vehicles with a value of less than $500 to be claimed for the fair market value. Higher value vehicles are claimed for the sales price and you will need to provide us with your social security number for the required IRS tax form (1098-C) so that it can be issued.

Steps Involved

Immediately after receiving your donated vehicle, OPHS will mail an acknowledgment letter providing proof that you donated your vehicle to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, an eligible 501(c)3 charitable organization.

After the vehicle sells, a tax-receipt/letter will be mailed to you stating the amount for which the vehicle was sold. If you want to claim a charitable deduction for a vehicle that sells for more than $500, we will need your social security number so that an IRS tax form 1098-C can be issued. For additional guidance on vehicle donations, visit and see publication 4303.

Can I deliver my vehicle to OPHS?

Yes, and as we have a small staff, this is preferred! Please feel welcome to deliver your vehicle to the either shelter campus. Please call (360) 457-8206 to arrange the vehicle surrender process so we will be available to help you.