Bathing Kittens


Kittens have special oils in their fur and can get dry and itchy if the wrong shampoo or soap is used to clean them. The following list includes ways that are safe for you to clean your foster kittens:

  1. Baby-safe wipes. Any wipe that is labeled as safe to use on human baby skin is also safe to clean your kittens.
  1. KITTEN SAFE shampoo. The shampoo must specifically say KITTEN on the bottle. Adult cat shampoo is different from kitten shampoo and is not good for a kitten’s fur and skin. Be sure to avoid soap getting in their eyes, nose, and ears.
  1. It is very important after you wash your cat to dry their fur thoroughly. Kittens can get a chill very easily which can make them sick. Be sure they are dried well and have a warm place to be after receiving a bath. (Towel dry kittens. Do not use any hairdryers or blowers of any sort.)
  1. Once kittens are 6 weeks old, KITTEN SAFE dry shampoos may also be used.
  1. Bathing pets more than once a week is not recommended. You can supplement between baths with baby-safe wipes.

** Please DO NOT bathe your foster pet within the first 24 hours of it arriving at your home. The kittens will receive flea treatment before leaving OPHS and you will wash off that treatment if you bathe them too soon.