You will need extra bedding on hand before you bring your first foster pet home. We recommend having at least 5 days’ worth of bedding on hand before you start (5 blankets or 10 towels). Of course, this depends on how often you like to wash laundry! Your foster puppy/dogs need their bedding changed anytime they become soiled. There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive dog beds. Bedding can include items such as old throw blankets, towels, sheets or bath mats. Puppy areas will need to be changed DAILY. OPHS will provide beds and blankets based on need and availability.



Foster puppies will need a place inside to use the restroom. We recommend having a large supply of puppy

pads or newspaper on hand to make for easier cleanup. OPHS will supply you with puppy pads for this

purpose. They may also be purchased at Petco, Walmart and online if you prefer to supply your own.