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As the owner and caregiver of the pet presented for LUV Care Clinic services through Olympic Peninsula Humane Services (OPHS), I agree that my pet is in good health to receive the care requested. I agree that my pet is parasite free and able to receive the vet services (spay/neuter, +/- vaccines, +/- microchip) on the planned date.

I accept that my pet may be denied care and services if deemed unhealthy or high risk. I know my pet may be placed on a waiting list if this should occur.

I accept that there are post operative risks that may happen after my pet's surgery. I have been informed that post operative or emergency care is not available from OPHS or their veterinarian. I have been provided with information of a local veterinarian that is on call should there be any post operative complications.

I hold OPHS, its staff veterinarian, support staff, Board of Directors or volunteers harmless in any situation requiring additional follow up care. I am solely responsible for follow up care or medical emergencies with either Animal Emergency and Speciality Care in Poulsbo, Washington or the local vet information OPHS has provided me with.
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