Free Will

What would you do to protect the pets in your life?

For many members of our OPHS family, it’s not a difficult question — whether you’ve adopted a pet from our shelter or supported our lifesaving programs, we all want to ensure our four-legged friends are loved and cared for.

In the spirit of supporting you and your pets, OPHS is introducing a new tool to give you peace of mind...

No matter your age, estate planning is something everyone should consider — especially if you are a pet owner. Too often we see pets left to fend for themselves because their owner didn't have a plan in place. By writing a will, you can ensure the people and animals you love are always protected.

This tool makes the process accessible, secure and easy for all. It takes 20 minutes or less to complete and is totally free. It’s a result of our partnership with FreeWill, which over 170,000 Americans have used to write their legal wills.