Moderate levels of human contact are extremely important for your foster kitten.  Healthy development depends on good socialization with you and your family. 

While kittens need playtime, they also need quiet time throughout the day to sleep and rest for their health.  Be sure to limit children’s playtime with kittens to small amounts of time during the day to allow kittens the sleep time they need to be healthy and well rested.

Friends and family are welcome to come over to play with the kittens, too.  Just be sure to use the following guidelines:

  • Be sure to have EVERYONE who goes in to play with your foster kittens wash their hands both BEFORE and AFTER they play with your kittens.
  • Never leave your foster kittens unattended with children.
  • Use kitten safe toys unsupervised (See under Toys on Page 4)
  • Use kitten toys SAFE with supervision only (See under Toys on Page 4)
  • Never use toys UNSAFE for kittens (See under Toys on Page 4)

Never leave kittens unattended with toys that have string, rope, feathers or other type pieces that can be chewed off and consumed.

Remember, your kitten needs to stay quarantined INSIDE your home. Never take a kitten out to play in your front or back yard, driveway, sidewalk, dog park, playground, pet store, daycare or anywhere the kitten would have contact with places that other cats can walk.