A kitten’s normal body temperature is higher than human body temperature.  Depending on age, a kitten’s body temperature ranges from 99°-101° F. Kittens 4 weeks and under need a heating pad in their carrier at all times in order to have healthy eating habits and to thrive. **Human body temperature is only 98.6° and is not significant enough to keep kittens healthy. Your kitten should always feel a little warm when you are feeding and handling.  Cold kittens will not eat well and can crash from hypothermia and hypoglycemia. 

Be sure that the room you are holding your kittens in is warmer than is comfortable for you and your family. Ways to facilitate this include turning off fans and closing air conditioning vents leading into that room. Cover the kennel with blankets or towels to prevent air breezes. Proper kitten kennel setup:  Place a heating pad SET ON LOW that is wrapped in a towel to prevent burns into bottom of kennel. Place blanket on top of heating pad. Then place kittens into kennel.