Nicole Perez

board member nicole sitting at the beach on a log, dark brown hair, glasses with a siamese cat in her lap

Until recently, Nicole had made it a point to keep her distance from pets. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas to parents who only recently developed a love for animals, Nicole grew up in a home with only a few outdoor pets and not much of a relationship or understanding of people's love of pets...especially cats!

Everything changed after meeting her husband Jeffrey in 2015, when she met her husband's then 9 year old cat Marilyn "Snugs" Thompson, so named for her love of cuddles and her one white dot marking near her nose (a la Marilyn Monroe). Although it took years to admit it, Nicole became a bona-fide cat lady almost immediately. Through the cat distribution system, her and her husband have acquired two more cats, Noodle "Doodle Doo" and most recently an abandoned rescue- Oscar "Little Joker" del Guero (Guero for short).

Soon after admitting the true nature of her love of animals, Nicole joined OPHS in order to help nurture and foster the love of animals throughout the community.  With her background in Early Childhood Education, Behavior Science, and passion for art- Nicole hopes to create innovative experiences for children and families through exciting events and opportunities to connect with the wonderful and deserving animals in our care. She is a welcome addition to our Board of Directors.