Pet Proofing Your Home


The following items can be dangerous for your foster pet:




Ensure pets have no access to any of the above loose items on the floor, or inside doors and cabinets that are low to the ground and possibly opened. For example, if you will be keeping pets in the bathroom or kitchen, make sure that there are no dangerous items (listed above) inside the lower cabinets in case they are able to open cabinet doors and access inside.

Things to check before bringing yo­ur foster pet home:

  • Do you have any gaps under your cabinets or appliances that they can get under? If so, you will need to block these gaps before bringing your foster pet home.
  • Do you have any exposed wires, phone cords, etc. that they can chew? If so, you will need to cover or block these from where your foster pet can access them.
  • Do you have indoor plants on the floor where your foster kittens can reach them? Most indoor plants can be very toxic to pets. We recommend placing all indoor plants up on tables or shelves and out of reach of foster pets.