Picking Up Your Foster Cat/Kitten


  1. When you come to the shelter to pick up your new foster kittens or cat, you will need to start your visit in the office of the OPHS campus location designated by Kitty City/Foster staff. Please remember to allow yourself at least 1 hour for this pickup as there is paperwork you will be completing and possibly a final pet exam by the vet staff before animals can go home with you. We strive to be as fast as possible, but we want you to be prepared. 
  1. A Kitty City staff member will set up your paperwork in a Foster Folder. This folder will have all the information you need about your foster kittens and their upcoming booster vaccination and spay/neuter appointments, if needed. This folder should travel with your foster pets at all times. 

KITTENS:  When you bring your kittens back for vaccinations, spay/neuter, or for their final drop-off, please bring your foster folder with you. Kitty City staff will also check with you to make sure you have all of the food, kennels, etc. (see above section on Preparing your Pets, Family & Home) needed to safely house and care for your new foster kittens.

  1. Kitty City staff will then retrieve the kitten and give to you in their foster carrying crate (see example) which will remain with the kittens at all times.