Lots of human contact is extremely important for your puppy. Healthy development depends on good socialization with you and your family. Puppies need lots of play time. Be sure to interact with your puppies several times throughout the day. Bring friends and family over to play with the puppies, too.

Be sure to use the following guidelines:

  • Be sure to have EVERYONE who goes in to play with your puppy washes their hands both BEFORE and AFTER they play with your puppies.
  • NEVER leave your puppy unattended with children.
  • Toys are great! But remember, puppies like to chew and eat things they shouldn’t.
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR PUPPY UNATTENDED with toys that have cloth, fabric, rope, plastic, leather, nylon, or other type pieces that can be chewed off and consumed. You can play with these toys while you are present and watching the puppy. A good game of tug with a rope toy is absolutely wonderful, but don’t leave the rope toy behind with your puppy when you leave, take it with you.
  • The only kind of toys that you can leave with your puppy when you are not there are appropriate toys are labeled safe for puppies and are also labeled indestructible. Good brands include Kong and Nylabone and are labeled for puppies. Be sure to inspect your toys daily to make sure they cannot get pieces off and eat them.