Remember, some dogs are active chewers, and need to have things they are allowed to chew on or they will chew things they shouldn’t. Please provide Kong brand or other tough rubber indestructible-type toys for your foster pets when left unattended. The best chew toys are one solid piece of rubber. Appropriate toys are labeled tough or indestructible. Good brands include Kong and Nylabone. Be sure to inspect your toys daily to make sure they cannot get pieces off and eat them. 


PUPPIES: Appropriate toys are labeled safe for puppies and are also labeled indestructible. Good brands include Kong and Nylabone and are labeled for puppies.

Never leave dogs unattended with toys that have cloth, fabric, rope, plastic, leather, nylon, or other type

pieces that can be chewed off and consumed. Never give your dog bones or rawhide-type chews at any