Volunteering with Us!

Do you love to walk dogs? Does it sound like fun to play with cats and kittens? Would you like to foster dogs or puppies, cats or kittens who need an interim home between the shelter and their forever home? Would you like to follow up with recent adopters to ensure their new family member is fitting in nicely? Is photography or creative writing a passion of yours? All of these opportunities (and more) are available at the Humane Society.

Ready to Get Started?

Join the fun and make a difference at Olympic Peninsula Humane Society!

  1. Watch the OPHS Volunteer Orientation 101 video below to learn more about our program to see if volunteering at OPHS will be right for you.
  2. Submit a Volunteer Application - Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find online application.
  3. An OPHS team member will contact you within a few business days to provide more information on the next steps.


Email us at LyndaJo1959@icloud.com

Youth Volunteer Policy at OPHS 

Welcome to the next generation of animal advocacy! Youth volunteers can help support OPHS by providing comfort and care to animals at the shelter, completing service projects or helping in many other ways. The minimum age to volunteer at OPHS is 10 years old. Any volunteer under the age of 18 needs a parent or adult guardian's permission to volunteer at the shelter or at special events. 

Youth Volunteer Requirements 

Ages 10-12: Must volunteer with a parent or guardian present. 

Ages 13-17: MAY volunteer "solo" (without a parent/guardian present) but that is only after they (and parent/ guardian) have gone through Orientation and all Training sessions and been evaluated and assessed by kennel staff and /or kennel managers. Typically all youth and their guardian must stay together while volunteering. Opportunities for youth doing "solo" activities is limited and determined by OPHS staff. 

There is no direct supervision of Youth Volunteers, so they must be comfortable volunteering on their own and work independently. If requested, OPHS will provide a letter of completion for school service time earned after a minimum commitment of six months has been completed. 

Youth Volunteer Hours
Youth ages 10-17 years of age do not have any restrictions for when they may volunteer. Volunteering occurs between the hours of 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. Bark House needs volunteers seven days per week. Kitty City volunteering days are currently Tuesday through Saturday only. 

Youth Service Projects (School Requirments for Graduation): Are you interested in creating a project to help the animals at OPHS? If so, we'd love your help! Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator via email at LyndaJo1959@icloud.com

So You Are Interested in Volunteering - Great.

Watch this video for more information

Update May 15, 2024: 

Upon completion and submission of your Volunteer Application, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule a Telephone Interview to determine your interests and best fit at OPHS. 

Kitty City Volunteer Orientation takes place each Friday at staffs discretion.

Bark House Volunteer Training is currently being revised and is ON HOLD at this time. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please reach out to the Volunteer Program Coordinator with any questions at lyndajo1959@icloud.com